WoW Classic unleashes passions and many players are wondering about the method to use to access the original variant of Blizzard's cult MMORPG. Access to World of Warcraft Classic is indeed not so obvious, several conditions must be met. Can not access Wow Classic yet? We explain to you why and how to pre-download the game to be in the starting blocks when opening the servers of the game on Tuesday August 27 at midnight.

  • Many players worry about not seeing WoW Classic downloadable in their Blizzard app. The main reason is often simple: the game is considered a subsection of World of Warcraft, so it's in the World of Warcraft part of the launcher.
  • In addition, to see Classic appear, and if you do not have an active subscription, it is must have played World of Warcraft at least once to see the button (image above). If you've never played World of Warcraft and you do not have an active subscription, the launcher will only offer you the discovery edition of the current WoW and not WoW Classic.
  • If you have already played World of Warcraft, you can already download WoW Classic, even without an active subscription. If you've never played World of Warcraft and do not want to install it, you need to subscribe to see the Classic install button.
  • The installation of WoW Classic only requires 5 GB of free space, compare to the more than 60 GB of the current WoW.
  • Also note that WoW Classic and its download only appear in the "Application Blizzard" client, and not in the list of games on your "account management" page on the Blizzard website. Again, some players panic for no reason, waiting to see a separate WoW Classic game on this page, while WoW Classic is considered only a sub-branch of the product World of Warcraft by Blizzard.
WoW Classic Subscription: How to access the World of Warcraft variant?

Play WoW Classic: a specific subscription?

  • There is no special WoW Classic subscription to subscribe : The unique subscription for World of Warcraft allows access to WoW 2019 and WoW Classic: € 12.99 / month to play both games. There is no cheaper subscription that contains only WoW Classic.
  • There is no discovery offer WoW Classic: it is therefore not possible to play for free to level 20 as is the case for the current WoW.
  • If you have an active subscription, you can already book 3 characters. Attention nevertheless, Blizzard strongly discourages you from registering on servers designated as complete or with high population : it is guaranteed that you will have to wait in long queues, sometimes for several hours, at launch.

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