WoW Classic: Opening 3 new servers (2 US, 1 EU)


While a new server was recently opened on the European side, Gehennas, in order to combat the excessive overcrowding of servers a week before the release of WoW Classic, three new ones are appearing: two US side, one EU side.

While this Saturday, August 17, 2019 was inaugurated the Anglophone server Gehennas (PvP) In order to overcome a serious overcrowding problem for some servers just one week before the official release of WoW Classic, Blizzard is deploying three new servers: 2 US side, 1 US side.

As a result of the announcement of an estimated queue of more than 10,000 players on the US server Herod (PvP) Blizzard has decided to open two new servers for our friends across the Atlantic from Tuesday 20th August 2019 at 03:00 (Paris time) :

  • Blaumeux: PvP, Pacific Time Zone
  • Skeram: PvP, Eastern Time Zone

On our side, on the European side, a new server is appearing on the English side once again from Tuesday 20 August at 8 pm (Paris time :

As indicated Kaivax in a previous announcement, it is crucial that the players located on the servers in population high or Full take the initiative to go to these new servers to avoid excessive queues at the exit of WoW Classic August 27th.

In an official statement, Kaivax, one of Blizzard's Community Managers, spoke about Shazzrah server overcrowding (EN PvP), the consequences of such an influx of players, and the solutions that are applicable now.


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