A Russian dancer, who participated in the World Tango in Buenos Aires (Argentina), was disqualified for assaulting his partner behind the scenes.

The facts took place Tuesday night, as the couple had just left the track in the semifinal.

The young woman, also of Russian nationality, is the wife of the dancer. She "refused to file a complaint".

"The attack took place and, in the process, the organization condemned the facts, assisted the victim and made the decision to disqualify the dancer," said a source, on condition of anonymity.

The organization refused to give the identity of the dancers. According to local media, it would be Kirill Parshakov and Anna Gudyno.

Feminist collective denounces "a punch"

The incident was denounced by the Women's Tango Movement (MFT) in a statement. According to the MFT, several witnesses reported that the dancer had "punched" his wife.

Words too machismo, guidance exclusively male, invitation to dance only at the initiative of man: this feminist collective took advantage of the Mondial de tango, August 8 to 21 in Buenos Aires, to revisit the stereotypes of this highly codified dance.

During the event, the MFT presented a protocol to be followed in case of violence against women in the tango community.


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