Boris Johnson is increasingly losing ground because of his tough Brexit exchange – but the British PM does not want to give up. He is reportedly forging the next plan to prevent a new date for the EU exit.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, according to a media report, is taking concrete steps to prevent the Brexit shift that Parliament is seeking. Johnson's advisers worked out a strategy on Sunday, according to the Daily Telegraph. According to Johnson, although he would comply with the law drafted by Parliament and ask the EU for a postponement of the withdrawal date. In parallel, however, he would declare in a letter that the government was against a postponement beyond 31 October.

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab spoke in an interview with Sky News about a "miserable law" that Johnson will scrutinize very closely. The Prime Minister told reporters on Friday that the law only "theoretically" envisaged a Brexit shift – upsetting his critics.

The Prime Minister wants to lead his country out of the international community on 31st October, "come what may." However, the law passed last Friday stipulates that the government must request an extension of the Brexit deadline if no agreement is ratified by 19 October. A no deal can cause serious damage to the economy and other areas of life. This Monday, it is expected that Queen Elizabeth II will sign the law entering into force.

Opposition wants to request urgent debate

The opposition is also growing worried that Johnson will ignore the law or leave behind a back door. According to a correspondent from ITV, she therefore intends to request an urgent debate in Parliament on Monday. So the deputies wanted to try to force the government to publish plans for a Brexit without agreement. The pressure to act for the no-deal opponents is enormous, because Johnson has ordered the parliament a several-week compulsory break. She could start already on Monday evening.

Finance Minister Sajid Javid said over the weekend that the government will comply with all laws. However, Johnson has stated that he would rather "lie dead in the ditch" than ask in Brussels for a move. His attempt to enforce early elections in mid-October has so far been stopped by parliament. He is expected to make a fresh start this Monday. Two-thirds of MEPs would have to agree. This is considered unlikely.

Johnson visits his Irish counterpart Leo Varadkar in Dublin on Monday morning to discuss one of the most controversial points in Brexit – the Irish frontier issue. The EU and its member Ireland want to avoid checkpoints on the border with Northern Ireland, because a new division of the island could cause unrest. Until another solution is found, Northern Ireland will continue to have some EU rules and Britain to remain in the EU Customs Union. Johnson rejects this "backstop" solution.

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