Updating the popular "Japanese" did not go unnoticed – they were immediately decided by experts to compare.

On their YouTube channel dedicated to test drives of all-terrain vehicles, two reviewers conducted a small comparative review of the sixth generation Honda CR-V and the updated Toyota RAV4. Previously, according to the car enthusiast, Honda was much more expensive than its competitor, but after restyling the difference in cost decreased, therefore, the comparison turned out to be quite objective and relevant.

Initially, the Toyota RAV4 2019 model year seemed to drivers an extremely controversial model. Of course, the “vyviglazny” exterior was not for everybody, but besides this, not the most understandable solutions were enough. As for the Honda CR-V, the situation here is somewhat different. Unlike the competitor, the appearance of the "Japanese" did not change so dramatically, and most of the improvements were pointy, cosmetic in nature, therefore, on the exterior CR-V definitely wins.

The next nuance is equipment. For comparison, crossovers in the starting configuration were chosen for greater clarity, so that viewers can see what awaits them when choosing the most affordable version of the Toyota RAV4 or Honda CR-V. At Ravchik, it loses significantly, even taking into account the fact that in the “base” it will cost customers 200,000 rubles less: “Too much conservative equipment of Ravchik amid attempts to satisfy the tastes of all age groups is a failure.”

This is including the dashboard. It is very simple and informative, but at the same time gray and boring, like Russian winters, while in Honda CR-V some original notes successfully dilute this boring: unusual ribbon-like tachometer and avant-garde indicators of several sensors: “In terms of interior CR-V is much more fun not only for Ravchik, but, perhaps, for the vast majority of his classmates. ”

As a result of the comparison, its authors came to the conclusion that despite the fact that the Toyota RAV4 is boring and gray, like a concrete block, it may appeal to young people, as well as to those who cannot afford the Honda CR-V, but still bloggers advise to save up money and take just the second “Japanese”, since he is better at taxiing, and the suspension is excellent: “On cross-country ability they stand each other, but according to the behavior on the track, RAV4 is a decrepit UAZ against the backdrop of CR-V.”



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