The surveyor appreciated the alternatives to the Czech crossover and came to unobvious conclusions.

According to blogger Denis Makeev, for their money, Skoda Kodiaq is a mega-cool car for "normal guys." At first glance, it might seem that his competitors are apparently invisible, because the popular reviewer wanted to explain why all of them are somehow worse than Kodiak.

If we consider the segment of crossovers and SUVs at a price of 1.5 to 2.5 million rubles, then the Russian car market can offer an impressive choice. However, the expert is convinced that Skoda Kodiaq does not have adequate competitors. Hyundai Santa Fe or Tucson are nice crossovers, inferior, however, to the Czech in terms of reliability and equipment: “Yes, and in general Koreans are scared to trust, after all.”

The largest choice in this segment belongs to the Mitsubishi brand. Only here is the brand new Eclipse Cross, with a pleasant overall appearance, too small in size, at the Hyundai Creta level, and Outlander, despite its decent cross-country ability and good equipment, cannot boast of significant technical improvements over the past couple of generations.

According to the motorist, the only worthy competitor to the Skoda Kodiaq with a stretch can be called the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, which has earned its popularity and reputation, but outwardly, after restyling, the Padzherik looked normal: “Four-wheel drive, naturally aspirated engine, reliability – that's all it has but it’s too much for an amateur. ”

Mazda CX-5, Volkswagen Tiguan and KIA Sportage, the author of the video believes, these are too “female” crossovers, but the KIA Sorento Prime, in fact, is not much inferior to the Skoda Kodiaq, but there is one caveat that lies in the price tag of the Korean SUV. At least 2.9 million rubles will have to be paid for the 7-seat modification, while the Czech in the minimal version with 3 rows of seats will cost 1.3 million cheaper: “I've been listing possible competitors for so long, but now you see, that they are essentially nonexistent. Normal boys will take the bear! ”



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