The motorist is completely “150 percent” satisfied with his budget “Frenchman”.

The driver spoke about this in his blog on one of the most popular thematic forums on the global network. Last summer, he bought a Renault Duster in 2018, with a 109 mare diesel engine, four-wheel drive and a manual gearbox, and now, after almost 12 months, it was decided to talk about impressions of the popular crossover.

First of all, the owner of Renault Duster noted that he was satisfied with the car according to three main criteria: reliability, simplicity of design and the lowest possible cost of maintenance, coupled with low consumption. Indeed, with regard to fuel consumption, the “Duster” was surprisingly economical, “eating” an average of not more than 6.5 liters per 100 km when driving in a combined cycle.

Before buying the Duster, the driver drove Renault Logan, Toyota Camry and Lexus RX – that is, he had something to compare his impressions with. On the whole, all these cars suited him, but they were united by one common problem – they were second-hand, and now, the author of the review is convinced, he will never drive the “old trash” again, preferring, though not the most “luxury” one, but but to the new iron “horse”.

As the driver explains, he lives by the principle that if there is money, it’s worth taking Toyota, but if there is none, then Renault is not so bad, which is why the brand new Duster was bought: “I’ve been saving up for two years at Prado you can ride on Duster. " Among the main advantages of the crossover, the motorist relates the very reliability that allows him not to be afraid of the harshest winters: “The main thing is to refuel with normal fuel, and not slop!”

So that there are no problems with the diesel Renault Duster, and he continues to be the best car for hard workers, the driver recommended to follow a few simple rules: change the oil at least 7,500 km, lubricate the turbine with the same oil, do not drive over 100 km / h for the first few thousand kilometers of run, and also put a hood deflector to protect against stones: “Diesel Duster is the best in its line!”.



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