The idea

Christophe Cornillon, engineer, created eccity in 2011 which combines design, manufacture and marketing of electric scooters, made in Grasse. 500 vehicles are already in service, in 50 or 125 cm3.

The founding boss now opens the rental market "given the demand and so that those who can not invest can also ride in electric".

The challenge

Present its three wheels (two in the rear, where the engines are hidden) on the market and accelerate its growth.

Continue its R & D including the removable battery that allows the user to change (opt for a range of 30 or 100 km for example) and load it at home.

The objective

Develop the market of surrounding communities.

Half of eccity's sales are made to individuals and small and medium-sized businesses already interested in the rental offer. The company hopes that its institutional clientele will also move towards this model.

350 electric scooters are expected to come out of the workshops in 2020 (compared to 150 this year).


Christophe Cornillon only starts with experience and envy. Then gets a BA06 financing, a Bpifrance loan, convinces some business angels, that is 1 ME since 2014.

Then, 450 KE are obtained by crowdfunding, and this summer, 1 ME raised with the Bank of the Territories. "To finalize the three wheels, start com 'around the rental, and continue the recruitment."

The product

"I created the product I wanted to have."With the purchase, count around 6.000 euros for an eccity scooter and with the hiring, the fixed price will be 129 or 149 e / month, insurance, maintenance, guarantee eccity of three years and consumables included. "A battery is the life of the scooter, between 5 and 10 years, and its consumption is less than 1 euro per 100 km."

From now on, you can reserve your scooter for 300 E and be the first to receive the machine from 150 to 190 kg, in three wheel format, autonomous over a hundred kilometers, "quiet, pleasant to drive and with linear power".

The possibility of praising this model could well democratize the use of the electric and justify the excitement that arouses eccity.


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