The surveyor appreciated the prospects of Logan in 2019.

On his channel dedicated to reviews of popular cars, the expert published a new video. In it, he went to a Renault dealership to evaluate the new Arkana cross-coupe, but his attention was first drawn to the second-generation Logan.

A car in a good configuration, with heated all seats, electric windows and climate control sold for 894,000 rubles, and the driver wondered if it makes sense to pay almost 600,000 rubles for Renault Arkana when there is a Renault Logan – outwardly it looks very good .

As it turned out in the course of further analysis, “Arkan” Renault Logan loses only in power characteristics, as well as in various modern “goodies”, like the presence of a touch screen in the “top” version of the car. The 82-strong “Logan” on the track will obviously remain far behind the modern cross-coupe with a turbo engine, but, if we discard the dynamics, the advantage will not be in favor of the “impudent newcomer”.

The interior capacity of both cars was approximately on the same level as adjusted for the high-altitude landing of the Renault Arkana, as well as the reliability of the suspension. Both models are built on the B0 platform, and if Logan has long won the title of a car with one of the most “unkillable” chassis, then it’s too early to talk about the resource intensity of the Arcana, as well as the ease of maintenance, which the budget sedan has on an incredible level: "Repair for a penny, a hammer and a file."

But what Arkana is significantly inferior to Renault Logan, forcing to doubt the feasibility of buying a cross-coupe, so it's in the luggage compartment. In a coupe-like crossover, it is quite roomy, but with the “Logan” – it can not be compared: “There is more space even in the back. Well, and what is it worse than Arcana? Great and simple chaise. "



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