The surveyor is sure that the “Sideboard” is cooler than most Japanese “classmates”.

AutoLady spoke about this on her American YouTube channel OSV, sharing her subjective impressions regarding the popular Honda CR-V crossover. The blogger believes that this car over the past 10 years has earned the status of perhaps the best crossover, because while the main competitors are betting on a narrow audience, the “Japanese” is perfect for everyone.

Already by the fourth generation, the girl is convinced, the Honda CR-V lost the slightest hint of any serious flaws. The crossover motor works like a clock, and begins to “suffer” only from the use of low-quality oil, while having a power reserve before it needs a major overhaul equal to under 250,000 km. The same can be said about all the main components and assemblies: “From the box to the chassis – try to find the cant. You can’t. ”

If we talk about appearance, then, of course, everyone cannot like it, but the reviewer does not believe that someone stylish Honda CR-V may like less than the overly boring Toyota RAV4 or too “bombastic and pathos” Mazda CX-5 . And if you compare not only the exterior – both “classmates” are significantly inferior to the “perfect” Honda CR-V.

As for the restyled version of the CR-V, it boldly calls its auto-lady the most successful crossover of the last few years. On this, you can safely go on a long journey with your family, conquer the mountains or "come off" on the highway – this Honda is good in every possible incarnation.

The girl concluded her review with a rather serious statement, specifying that she herself plans to acquire the brand new Honda CR-V in a couple of weeks, because even a short test drive was enough to fall in love with this “Japanese”: “Buy and be surprised how dispensed with him! He goes far beyond his core customer base. ”



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