Kristina again left her husband and took her daughter.

The actress and her daughter recently arrived in Thailand, but the wife is not visible next to her. According to Christina, with her her sister and her child, Asmus wishes a relative a happy birthday. Asmus also published a video of working together with her colleague “in the shop”, Gleb Bochkov.

This video is filled with a romantic drama, and it was published on Gleb’s Instagram page on February 5. It is noteworthy that just from the winter of this year, rumors began about the separation of Asmus and Kharlamov. In turn, Garik does not react to active conversations of users about the “crisis” in their marriage and does not pay attention to the ambiguous behavior of his wife, who goes to alcoholic parties, publishes candid photos and appears almost everywhere.

One gets the impression that while Kharlamov “advertises” Shufutinsky in honor of the third of September, Asmus openly alludes to a “romance” with the young actor. It’s hard not to notice that Christina is not indifferent to Gleb, because she constantly monitors his new publications, like and commenting with warm words and admiration.

It is undeniable that the girl could have liked him when they worked on the shooting of this video. Unlike Kharlamov, he is young, handsome and promising. However, the daughter of Asmus was still born not from Gleb, but from Garik. Perhaps that’s why Christina cannot completely “break up” with the comedian for the sake of a happy childhood for a child in a complete family.



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