When Maxi Lopez attacks Wanda Nara

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It’s one of the most famous celebrity stories in the world of football. Little reminder for those who do not know her: a few years ago, Wanda Nara had left her companion, Maxi Lopez for Mauro Icardi, while the two men had evolved together at the Sampdoria in Genoa. What earns them today an understandable enmity. Maxi Lopez, who has returned to Italy to play Crotone, is forced to be attentive to the actions of his ex-partner since she takes care of the three children born of her relationship with her.

And rightly so, the 35-year-old Argentinian striker has a big potato when he saw a publication by Wanda Nara on social networks, with his children in his house next to Lake Como. “You took our children from Paris to the epicenter of the epidemic! I would like to know why you are breaking the quarantine of a global pandemic, in which everyone is asked not to go out and expose our children to a trip from one country to another? You move and go to the epicenter of the infection (Lombardy) in Italy without measuring the consequences. What is going on in your head at these times when the most sacred thing you have in the world is the health of our children? I am indignant that you are not aware of it. If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for them because today you are the mother of 5 children but you don’t seem to notice it ”, wrote Maxi Lopez in a letter published on the networks.


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