Whatsapp update: THIS funky feature is finally here – but be careful!

Whatsapp has a new feature. But not everyone can use them.

Whatsapp has a new feature. But not everyone can use them.

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Some users are allowed to join a new update Whatsapp looking forward. But caution is required!

Everyone knows them, but no one likes them: The blue check-mark for reading in chat services. Exercise a psychological pressure to answer and sometimes draw countless, demanding question mark messages. Following the motto: "Hey, what's up, you saw that I wrote!"

at Whatsapp Fortunately, they have not been required for some time.

However, the deactivation of the read receipt was only for text messages Whatsapp, If you have received a voice message from the messenger and you have listened to it, the sender immediately knew how to listen to the message.

Whatsapp: New funky feature after update

Whatsapp is the undisputed number one in messenger services. Competitors such as Signal, Threema or Telegram together have a market share of less than 15 percent.

Thanks to a new update, some users have recently been given the opportunity to hear voice messages without the sender receiving a confirmation in the form of two blue hooks. But how does that work?

+++ change at Whatsapp: Now is copied boldly – by … +++

The blog "Wabetainfo" has explained the function of the new Whatsapp beta update in a recent post. If you also want to apply the update, you must first meet some requirements.

New feature, but not for every user

  • New feature is for the time being only for Apple users
  • Participation in Whatsapp beta program required
  • Fortune: Beta updates are apparently sent out only by accident

The interesting thing: The innovation is elsewhere

Actually, the big change is not in the distance of the blue hooks: iOS users can now look forward to hearing voice messages directly from the notifications.


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+++ Whatsapp: This important decision affects millions of users +++

If a user is currently on the home screen and receives the notification for a voice message, this can be listened to directly, without opening Whatsapp.


This is whatsapp:

  • Whatsapp was founded in 2009
  • since 2014 part of Facebook Inc.
  • Based in Mountain View, California
  • Users can send text messages, pictures, videos or voice messages via Whatsapp
  • Since 2015, users can also make calls via the app
  • … and use the messenger over Whatsapp web on PC
  • Already in February 2016, the number of users increased to one billion
  • 42 billion messages were sent daily at the time
  • Whatsapp is permanently locked in China


Whatsapp: Cruel video in circulation

The sender receives the "hearing confirmation" only when the recipient opens Whatsapp on the phone. If you are in the beta program and have not yet received the update, there is nothing to worry about. The blog entry indicates that the feature will be included in the next update at the latest.

+++ Whatsapp: Watch out! If you do THAT, you can make yourself punishable +++

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