As with the supermoon, this time the terrestrial satellite will be the protagonist of a new visual effect in the skies of our planet.

Specifically, on the night between Friday 13 and Saturday 14, people who look at the sky will meet the "Micro Full Moon of the Harvest".

It is a phenomenon that occurs when the Moon It is located at the furthest point of the orbit around the Earth, that is, about 405 thousand kilometers away, which could make it appear a little smaller or less bright in the sky. As a result, it will appear 14% smaller than a typical full moon.

However, as explained by various astronomers, this celestial body does not change in size as seen in our sky, but is only a visual illusion when approaching and moving away from Earth on the route through its orbit around the planet.

This Moon also has the quality of being close to the September equinox, point that marks the end of winter and the beginning of the spring in the southern hemisphere.

According to Newsweek, the myth of the "moon from harvest" It originated from the ancient traditions of Native Americans that explained that the arrival of this phenomenon brought a prolific harvest season for farmers and peasants. The POT He also explains: "Many crops ripen at the same time in late summer and early fall (boreal), so farmers were extremely busy at this time of year. They had work after sunset. The light of the moon became an essential part of agriculture and therefore was born Harvest moon"

The moon will look 14% smaller. Photo: Commons.

At this time of the year, the moon starts to be delayed, on average, by 50 minutes. In the days before the equinox the difference is reduced to 30 minutes. The reason for this, according to NASA, is because "the moon's orbital path forms a narrow angle with the night horizon." Or in other words, there is more light available during those days.

On September 28 there will be a new supermoon, but this will occur in the new moon period. This is why he will not deliver a great show in heaven.

With information from El Mercurio

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