The transformed Russian sedan aroused the enthusiasm of motorists.

A lot of folk craftsmen resort to tuning domestic cars to calmly drive along the "killed" roads. This is exactly what the VAZ-2106 appeared in the photo published in the thematic community on the VKontakte social network.

The photo shows a typical VAZ-2106, but with only one change, allowing the car to overcome severe off-road. The famous "six" enthusiasts equipped with massive rims, which the masters apparently borrowed from a rural tractor driver. The axles on which the wheels “hold” are also impressive – they were also taken either from the tractor or from any truck.

Network users were surprised by the VAZ-2106 off-road tuning, which vigorously discussed improvements to the Russian sedan. “Dviglo will not pull”, “It's cool”, “Monster” and “What is needed for our roads,” community subscribers said.

VAZ-2106 is a domestic five-seater "four-door" with rear-wheel drive system. Such a car was the most popular among cars manufactured by AvtoVAZ from 1976 to 2006.

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