The other day, the release of the new horror creators Until dawn. A game Man of medan from a new anthology The dark pictures Released August 30 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. And although it did not become a discovery and did not conquer the sales charts, the journey through the mysterious ship turned out to be worthwhile – especially in the cooperative.

In honor of the great discovery of horror anthology, we want to give presents. And we want them to go only to the most devoted horror fans. Therefore, we are announcing a mini-contest.

gambling addiction and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe prepared a unique prize for fans of the horror genre: a table lamp-night lamp with the symbols of the anthology The Dark Pictures and the game Man of Medan. This lamp cannot be simply taken and bought, it can only be won!

What is the contest dedicated to? Children's memories! Remember summer camps, camp hikes overnight at a campfire. What is the best thing to do after lights out? That's right, telling horror stories! This is what we will do.

We suggest you tell us the horror story. Once again, we don’t have to bring out stories about the Red Hand, the Black Tablecloth, the Thin Man or the puppeteers-reptilians, we all know them and unmistakably recognize them. Think up your horror story – let it be unpretentious, but original.

We have other prizes: three add-on keys Curator's Cut – It adds new scenes and features to the game. We will give them out as incentive prizes.

Anyone who tells us the most impressive horror story, according to our jury, will become the owner of a unique night light. We warn you right away: the tastes of our small jury do not have to coincide with yours.

We also saved another night lamp for someone who tells the story of what really happened to the Ourang Medan. Existing versions of his death are listed in "Wikipedia", We will initially assume that they are all incorrect. Tell us how it really was!

Publish your chilling stories on social networks: “In contact with", Facebook, "Classmates". Provide them with a hashtag #horrormania or #horrormania_medanif you take on the revision of historical theories. If you worry that we won’t find your horror story, you can post the link in the comments. It’s even better: more people can read it.

In order to get into the list of applicants for victory, you will need three more actions:

The competition has started, we are waiting for your horror stories until September 13, 2019. And by September 16th we will try to read all of them and choose the best.


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