“We detected that many of those infected with coronavirus had shared the mate”, alerted the Secretary of Health of Santa Fe

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At one point in the conference, the Santa Fe Secretary of Health, Sonia Martorano, took advantage of a journalist’s question to address a topic that worries her: community transmission. Earlier, Governor Omar Perotti had announced that positive cases of coronavirus in the province had risen from 17 to 39, due to a rapid response time thanks to the provision of reagents and the analysis capacity of local laboratories. Thirty-three of these total cases have a history of travel abroad, the rest do not. And therein lies Martorano’s concern.

“We have already started with cases without these antecedents that are related to trips within the country, such as Chaco or the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. This tells us that we must take extreme measures because it is no longer just those who come from abroad, but there is already circulation in the province.“He expressed. “We saw it in Rosario, Santa Fe, Helvecia. The two-year-old boy did not travel anywhere. That tells us that the virus is circulating, “added the official.

In relation to community transmission, the undersecretary of Health Strategies, Alejandro Costa, reported in the daily report of the National Ministry of Health number 19 on Monday, March 23 the presence of the first case of local circulation: “In Argentina, there are 266 confirmed cases, of which 190 have a history of international travel, 59 have local transmission in a conglomerate, one case has no history of travel or close contact and 17 are under epidemiological evaluation “

The Secretary of Access to Health, Carla Vizzotti, described as community transmission the cases of patients who have not had contact with an imported case, a close contact or the type of conglomerate, who have shared a close situation, either working in the same physical space or go through a high circulation area such as an airport. There are already infected patients in the country who cannot trace the origins of their infection..

Martorano recounted what were the findings they obtained from those infected without a recognizable root. “In many of those cases what we detected is that they had shared the mate. I think we already said that many times. Mate today is personal. In months we will return to the mate round, we will return to hugs, we will return to kisses. Not today. In some of these cases all we found is that they had shared mate. We have to take care of ourselves on that side” In turn, the provincial secretary of Health indicated: “We have already started with cases without a travel history, with suspicious contacts, but in other cases we have trips within the country. With a history of going to Chaco and the Federal Capital. We have to increase the isolation ”.

On Friday March 20, the day the preventive and mandatory social quarantine began to take effect, President Alberto Fernández signed a letter addressed to all Argentines. In it, he spoke of mate: “This will be the most demanding test that Argentina has had so far this century. In this fight we need to bring about cultural changes. We have to change habits. Many things we enjoy, like mate or hug, we will suspend for a while. And other things that we actually suffer, perhaps we can change them forever. Now we put all the social, religious and political forces to work together for the same side ”.

The infectious medicine doctor Pablo Bonheví (MN 62648), consulted by Infobae, stressed that “not sharing mate or food utensils or greeting each other with a kiss is an accurate recommendation for people who are with symptoms of any respiratory viral infection, beyond the coronavirus.” “It is a basic and known condition that in the presence of respiratory symptoms such care must be taken“Remarked the member of the Vaccine Commission of the Argentine Society of Infectious Diseases (SADI) and chief of Infectious Diseases of CEMIC, who emphasized that” in any respiratory viral infection what has been seen so far is that the contagion occurs fundamentally from that people have symptoms. “

The recommendation, in the voice of Bonheví and Martorano, does not cancel the consumption of mate, but it conditions it. “This does not mean that you cannot drink mate, but in these cases it must be done individually.“Warned the infectologist.


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