Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced appointed Senator Zoé Laboy this afternoon as secretary of the Interior, while also appointing Elí Díaz Atienza, executive director of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA), as government representative before the Board of Fiscal Supervision (JSF).

To do this, Laboy will resign from the elective position he has held in the Senate since January 2017.

Atienza, for his part, will remain as executive director of the AAA, but will resign from his position on the board of directors of the Electric Power Authority (AEE).

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"It is easy for a senator to do the job of secretary of the Interior because they do not administer funds, they know the government and can easily get out of office," said a source of The new day about Laboy.

Prior to the position of senator, Laboy was secretary of the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation under the administration of Governor Pedro Rosselló González.

In her performance as a senator, Laboy has distinguished herself for her firm and disagreeing positions, including other leaders of the New Progressive Party (PNP). For example, Laboy was the first senator who requested the resignation of then governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares when it transcended the macho, homophobic and discriminatory content of the controversial Telegram chat.

Subsequently and after the swearing in of Vázquez Garced to the position of governor, Laboy, contrary to his counterparts in the PNP, chose to request a space for the new incumbent to be allowed to act. The mayors and legislators of the PNP advocated that the resident commissioner in Washington, Jenniffer González, become the secretary of state and eventually governor.

Previously, Laboy also followed his own criteria by strongly opposing conversion therapies in Puerto Rico.

Laboy was mentioned as one of the possible candidates for mayor of San Juan in 2020. But he never confirmed that this would be his political course. Rather, he said he analyzed his decisions.

Before the governor opted for Laboy for the Ministry of the Interior, she also considered the mayor of San Sebastián, Javier Jiménez, who enjoyed the backing of popular mayors and novoprogresistas. But Jiménez was ruled out by the governor since it represented a great challenge to get him out of town hall immediately.

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