The expert visited the car factory in Tolyatti and talked about the concept car.

An overview of the new LADA 4×4 Vision is presented on the HiTachka YouTube channel. Using the concept car as an example, the expert spoke about the details of an SUV that would definitely fit into the design of the new Niva. Such elements were the usual more vertical front and rear glazing, air ducts in the rear pillar and a horizontal line passing through the entire body of the SUV. Another element that will be preserved in the design of the new LADA 4×4 Vision will be a plastic edging of the thresholds.

As for engineering itself, it is most likely that the Niva will be built on the Renault Duster platform. It is well known that the front-wheel drive crossover will have an automatic transmission with multitask control modes. Having talked with the main designers of LADA, the expert identifies another element that will go into mass production – these are the turn signals located on top, like the Niva’s predecessor.

The developers also argue that the main task was not to copy the old SUV, but to raise the car to another level. Of the elements that will not be part of mass production, one can note the panoramic roof, 21-inch alloy wheels, and most importantly, permanent all-wheel drive disappears, which makes everyone's favorite and familiar SUV a crossover.

According to the developers, a full-fledged Niva from the future, under the name LADA 4×4 Vision, will be presented at the beginning of 2021, but we are talking about a production model.



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