Voice actor Gonzalo Curiel, voice of Kent Brockman, died in The Simpsons

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Gonzalo Curiel, recognized for having voiced the character Kent Brockman in The Simpsons, died Sunday night

The Mexican voice actor, Gonzalo Curiel, recognized for giving voice to the character ‘Kent Brockman‘In The Simpsons, he died on Sunday night, his ex-officio colleagues reported on social networks, without detailing the causes of the death.

“We are so grateful that you did for fans and colleagues, we regret the loss of voice actor Gonzalo Curiel, my deepest condolences to family and friends (Q.E.P.D.). Thank you for everything, you are in the glory of the Lord and the path of your soul is being illuminated, “wrote youtuber on social networks CECE.

Also, the site specialized in geek culture Dub Zone, shared: “The DubZone Latin America team deeply regrets the sensitive death of Mr. #GonzaloCuriel, actor from Mexican dubbing, with an uninterrupted trajectory of 50 years in this medium ”.

Curiel He is recognized for having given voice to Latin American versions of characters such as Shao Kahn in ‘Mortal Kombat: Anhilation’; Zenz Masatak in ‘Knights of the Zodiac: Omega’; the narrator of the matches in ‘Super champions’; Dhalsim in the animated film ‘Street Fighter II’, Tom Selleck in ‘Magnum P.I.’ and the gangster Johnny in ‘My poor little angel 2‘.

The death of Curiel, adds to the murder of the dubbing actor Luis Alfonso Mendoza, who gave voice to the adult version of Gohan in ‘Dragon Ball Z’, which occurred exactly 30 days ago.

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