There have been many rumors recently alleging the death of the artist Ibrahim Nasr after suffering a sudden illness, but he recently ridiculed the circulation of this type of rumors, explaining that he is fine and does not suffer from any health problems, but explained that he is preparing to resume his artistic activity in the coming period.

In a television statement, through the program "Hazrat al-Citizen" broadcast on the satellite "Hadath al-Youm", the artist Ibrahim Nasr responded to the rumor and death, and explained that those who launched this rumor is believed to have caused him harm, but gave him an opportunity to see what happens when he died .

Nasr said: "One million phones, from all the countries of the world and my friends in Egypt, Vafrgt saw the funeral Btaati, has a Hecon people."
He added, "Nasr," he is preparing to provide a program belonging to the landfill programs, and is similar to the program hidden camera that was presented years ago, explaining that the idea of ​​the program is based on laughter and not intimidation.

Ibrahim Nasr celebrated his 69th birthday several days ago, born in 1950.

The artist Ibrahim Nasr is known for providing hidden camera programs for several consecutive years, and participated in a number of films including Mr. Karate, Hassan Alloul, X-Large, the sword and the first secondary.

Ibrahim Nasr recently revealed that he did not like the landfill programs offered by Ramez Galal.

He said: "These are not dumps programs and nothing to do with hidden camera programs and not comic, but it depends on terror and intimidation and this is ridiculous."



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