VIDEO: ‘Naughty’ Maple ‘knocks out’ the referee in fight against Julio César Chávez

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Julio César Chávez and Jorge “Travieso” Arce had their revenge fight in Hermosillo, Sonora, where they were able to thrill the nearly nine thousand fans who attended the second exhibition bout, which was held at the city’s Multiple Use Center.

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It was a fight in which both retired boxers came back up with masks, to avoid unnecessary punishment. But that does not mean that both did not throw punches, on the contrary.

Maple punished at the start of the fight with short hooks to the head, while Chavez did the same, but in the abdomen of the “Naughty” and then with blows of two and three blows to the face, which made Arce “ask” for more punishment .

It was a show for the attendees, who watched as Chavez even delighted them with some waist movements that made Arce fail some blows in the second episode.

For the third episode both fighters began to run out of air, but both gave their best punches. There was even a funny moment, when the fight referee was hit by one of the fighters’ blows, which even sent him to the canvas.

In the end, the attendees asked that both Arce and Chavez go out for another round, but it was no longer possible. The referee raised both their hands in victory, with two replicas of their WBC belts included in their waist, which they once possessed as world champions.



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