SPAIN – A violent forest fire ravages the Spanish island of Gran Canaria since Saturday. Nearly 3,400 hectares have already gone up in smoke.

At least 8,000 people were evacuated from their home on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria due to a forest fire that has ravaged some 3,400 hectares since Saturday. On Monday morning, the fire was out of control and "beyond our extinction capabilities," said Federico Grillo, chief of the island's emergency services. "The situation is bad, very bad, we have for two days" at least, recognized Federico Grillo, evoking the high temperatures, the wind and the rains of ashes that can cause new starts of fire.

The disaster has not killed so far. But it has forced the authorities to evacuate tourist areas like Cruz de Tejeda, a mountainous site famous for its spectacular views, in the center of Gran Canaria. The flames also began to affect the Tamadaha Nature Park, an important reserve of particular trees.

More than 600 firefighters mobilized

More than 600 firefighters and fourteen aircraft are involved in the fight against this fire which has also resulted in the closure of 20 roads.

The fire comes days after firefighters managed to contain a fire in the same area of ​​the Canary Islands, which resulted in the evacuation of several hundred people.


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