Pobeda Airlines called on the media and social network users to stop “catching hype” on the news about the passenger’s non-admission to the flight. This is reported by RBC.

“Pobeda Airlines is calling on the media and social media users to stop engaging in consumer terrorism and catch hype, especially when they haven’t figured it out,” the airline said.

This is an incident that occurred at the Moscow Vnukovo airport in the evening of August 21. A woman who planned to fly to Cheboksary was not allowed on the flight due to the fact that her hand luggage exceeded the dimensions stipulated by the rules of the airline (36x30x27 cm).

The company said that the passenger was late for landing for three minutes. In the "Victory" they clarify that the woman agreed to bring her carry-on baggage in accordance with the dimensions after the boarding gate was closed and the remaining passengers left for the remote parking lot to the plane.

“At that time, without delaying the flight,“ annoying ”a late passenger is already impossible. “Victory” insists on the observance of the rights and interests of most customers who have complied with the rules of the company, ”the airline said in a statement.

Earlier, Rospotrebnadzor initiated an administrative case under the article on the provision of services of inadequate quality or in violation of statutory requirements (part 1 of article 14.4 of the Code of Administrative Offenses) in relation to Pobeda Airlines due to the passenger being denied access to the flight.

Recall that “Victory” changed the rules for carrying hand luggage in February. Passengers are invited to choose one of two options. The first allows you to take any number of pieces of luggage into the cabin, but within the limits of the dimensions established by the manufacturer 36x30x27cm. According to the second option, passengers are allowed to bring one unit of hand luggage weighing no more than 10 kg and dimensions 36x30x4 cm, as well as either a bouquet of flowers, or outer clothing, medicine and food for a child, or other items listed in the Federal Aviation Regulations.

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