05:45 PM

Tuesday 10 September 2019

Books- Mohammad Alaeddin:

Engi Sabban, CEO of Victory Link, a company specializing in technology solutions and value-added services, said that the company has a great cooperation with various government agencies, especially the ministries of communications and social solidarity.

Sabban said in a statement to Masrawy that the company signed with the Ministry of Social Solidarity a cooperation protocol in August 2018 to provide 10 million text messages over two years to the beneficiaries of the ministry's support to keep them updated.

She pointed out that the company participated in the provision of text messages to citizens within the campaign of 100 million health in cooperation with the ministries of health and communications and the World Health Organization, where the company sent 15 million text messages to more than 300 thousand citizens in order to educate patients about the seriousness of diabetes and how to treat and overcome, and guide them to follow Diet and healthy habits necessary to avoid the resulting diseases.

Sabban explained that the company cooperated with North Cairo Electricity Company by providing an interactive messaging service where the customer sends a text message with the counter number to receive a message with the invoice value due on the counter, as well as the same service was applied with Petrotrade Gas Company where the customer sends the gas meter number In a text message to receive a message with an invoice value.

According to the CEO of Victory Link, the company cooperated with the Education Support Fund of the Ministry of Education in the project of recruiting new teachers and fixing temporary staff. The company sent text messages with the dates of the new teachers' exams.


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