The version management GitLab has been released in version 12.2. Among other things, the release uses directed acyclic graphs (DAG) to make the job dependencies in a pipeline more efficient.

In addition, the GitLab team has complemented the software with a design management that allows a team's designers to also manage their projects with GitLab. Also new is the ability to define dependency relationships across multiple projects to prevent errors in the merge order.

In GitLab 12.2, users of all versions of GitLab can use the new keyword needs: in your .gitlab-ci.ymlFile to define one job as a prerequisite for another in a pipeline. In this way, the platform should know in the future that a job can be started as soon as the previous job has been performed, without having to wait for the entire remaining previous level to be processed.

To implement this behavior internally, GitLab uses directed acyclic graphs. Instead of a sequential approach, the service generates a complex graph containing the different ones needs: defined dependencies. This will enable GitLab Pipelines to work much faster in the future.

If you have a GitLab Premium, Silver, Ultimate or Gold category subscription, you can try the new design management in an alpha version. To do this, users must first turn on Large File Storage (LFS). After that, they can upload graphics to each issue to discuss various design issues. This should be able to document the necessary design work on a software directly in GitLab.

If designers upload different images, they can also be versioned. A comment function for the pictures is also provided. Users can also mark individual points in the image to provide feedback accordingly. GitLab plans to extend support for various designer workflows in the future.

The same subscription level as the Design Manager reserves the option of defining the dependencies of different merge requests across multiple projects. This is to prevent the problem of performing merge requests in a wrong order on a project. According to GitLab, this is especially useful for companies offering a portfolio of related products, such as libraries. The projects are often separate, which may lead to difficulties if there are changes affecting all projects.

For a complete list of new features, the blog post for release. GitLab is available both as Software as a Service (SaaS) on and for use in the data center. Both options each have a free variant and, in addition, three different commercial packages.


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