Vakıfbank blocks donation accounts of Istanbul and Ankara Metropolitan

Immediately after the circular issued by the Ministry of Interior regarding coronavirus donations, it was observed that donations could not be made through Vakıfbank to the aid campaigns initiated by Istanbul and Ankara Metropolitan Municipalities.

Speaking to the Republic, CHP sources have confirmed the information in question, and no statement has been made from VakıfBank.

“There is no provision in the laws that states that municipalities are exempt from the Charity Collection Law. Therefore, they have to carry out all works and operations related to aid collection activities such as requesting help from citizens by declaring certain bank accounts, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Acquisition Collection. He brought up his question.

It was noteworthy that the accounts were blocked immediately after the letter of the Ministry.

A large number of citizens announced that they were unable to donate on social media.

Here are some of those posts:


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