Usyk refused to fight with the Russian Fedosov because of politics

Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usik refused to fight with the Russian Andrey Fedosov due to politics. According to Usik, he does not want the duel to be transferred to the political plane as a result.

“There was information that Andrei Fedosov would become a rival. Not. He will not be my rival. Even before this, they discussed that Alexander Povetkin would be the opponent … I said that I did not want to box with these guys, because this would necessarily be transferred to the political plane and would call each other rude words. This does not suit me, I do not need it.

Naturally, I refused both that and that duel. I do not want this dirt. I normally relate to these guys, to their families. You don’t need any hype, supposedly Usyk refused to box with the Russian, how handsome he is … No handsome, I just don’t want this, sorry, shit that will pour from both sides, ”cites Alexander Usyk“ Unian ”.

Source: Usyk will fight with Russian heavyweight Fedosov

Usik manager doubts that his client will fight with Russian Fedosov


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