AvtoVAZ didn’t guess with the design either, and dared to encroach on the off-road qualities of Niva.

In one of the VKontakte social network communities dedicated to automotive equipment, a video was published in which a blogger went to the AvtoVAZ plant and saw with his own eyes the “live” embodiment of the LADA 4×4 Vision.

Users in the comments criticized the new Niva. And although representatives of the manufacturer have already reported that the car will not be released into the series in the same form as the LADA 4×4 Vision concept is now presented, car enthusiasts have not spared its design. They found fault with the stiffeners on the sides of the car, the Jeep-like shape of the “rear” and the general similarity with the LADA XRay and Vesta. “For 40 years, everything will be stamped under Vesta,” said one of the subscribers.

Another user waved a hand at the concept, noting that the current LADA 4×4 is no different from the concept, possessing the same "bespontovy metal". The next one agreed with him, adding that “Niva” will remain “Niva”, only the price tag will be given to her no lower than that of foreign cars of the same class, and someone wrote that then it would be better to take a foreign car than a similar “rattle”.

Only one user wrote that the LADA 4×4 Vision is “the norm” and expressed the hope that the car will be launched in a series. However, a former employee of the manufacturing plant unsubscribed in the commentary below, saying that this Niva concept appeared about 10 years ago, and now it takes as much time to equip the plants with new assembly lines and put the model on the conveyor.

But most of all motorists were outraged by the fact that, apparently, the LADA 4×4 will no longer be an SUV and will turn into a crossover. “Why is it needed then?” One commenter was indignant, saying that off-road qualities were a priority for him when choosing a car, and asked AvtoVAZ not to touch what is, if it is not possible to do better. “There will definitely not be quality there,” another motorist confidently summed up.



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