Recently, new spy photos of the updated “Five” appeared on the Web, which reveal more details of the car’s appearance. What will change?

The current Bavarian business sedan in the back of the G30 on the assembly line since February 2017. Two months ago, we published the first renderings of the car, but now we have the opportunity to create a more accurate picture of the restyled model. Traditionally for BMW, first of all, the update will concern optics: the headlights will become narrower, and the pattern of LED daytime running lights will be completely different, even more strict than that of the restyled “seven”. The radiator grill will increase in size in height and will probably take on a more faceted shape in the style of the new X5, X7 and 7 Series. The update also affects the front bumper, which can receive larger air intakes and a modified shape.

Rear optics will also change dramatically. According to the latest spy photos, the lights will be made in the style of the new "X-ray" with wide stripes of LEDs and a three-dimensional shape. On the render, the car is depicted with a modernized rear bumper: vertical slots of the air ducts (or their imitation) were added, a similar solution was applied on the new 1 Series, 3 Series and X6 with M-packages.

The engine range as a whole should remain the same, however, a new hybrid modification of the 545e xDrive will appear, which will receive a power plant similar to the representative sedan 745e, consisting of a three-liter gasoline turbo engine and an electric motor. For the "younger" model, it will be derated to 375 hp, while in the "seven" it develops a power of 394 hp The declared fuel consumption of this modification is 2.1 l / 100 km, and on one electricity a car can travel about 50-60 km.

Today in Russia, the most affordable "five" is estimated at 3,080,000 rubles (520i AT, 184 hp). The basic diesel 190-strong version will cost 70 thousand more, and for all-wheel drive you will need to pay an additional minimum of 140 thousand. The top five in the M5 version is equipped with an 8-cylinder 4.4 with a power of 625 hp. – its cost will be 8,080,000 rubles.

By the way, more recently, BMW introduced the concept of a new coupe 4 series with a very mixed appearance.


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