With iOS 13, Apple urges you a little bit more to keep the "automatically app updates" option enabled.


Due to the prominent App Store placement of the gaming subscription "Apple Arcade", the update tab had to go way and makes the manual update of the installed apps from now on a bit more cumbersome.

Instead of being displayed directly in the App Store, you must now select your user icon in the upper right corner of the App Store and scroll down the open overlay window. Only here are available updates or the most recently updated updates.

On the subject: Haptic Touch vs. 3D Touch: iPhone 11 with spacebar trackpad

Abbreviation by haptic touch

A little faster is the context menu of the App Store application. If this is haptic touch gestures (finger put on and briefly leave), this offers the quick access to the "updates" and opens the window just described directly.

Pending updates


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