Which is better – a used Camry or a new Oktash? Surely, many asked themselves this question.

Since Toyota Camry and Skoda Octavia are cars of different classes, it is wrong to compare them, but you can still. The experience was shared by the car owner, who drove in both sedans. We will specify that the comparison will be made between the Camry 2016 in the back of the XV50 and the Octavia A7 2018.

The first thing that catches your eye when inspecting a car is, of course, the design. Since this thing is quite subjective, it cannot be argued that one machine is more beautiful than another. On handling, the Skoda Octavia drives nicer, it also behaves better on the highway, but the Toyota Camry, anyway, is more comfortable and has a more presentable interior. When driving on a “Camryuha” at a speed of more than 130 km / h, the car begins to skid, but, nevertheless, the chassis of it is not killed.

Ergonomics are better with Octavia – it feels like it's European. Camry's interior design is a bit outdated, and the quality of the Russian assembly leaves much to be desired. As for the trunk, the Camryuha is not bad, but the Skoda is better. There is everything that the soul desires: nets, a double-sided carpet and even a jack for connecting a pump.

Toyota Camry can not boast of good paintwork – after months of operation, the entire hood is covered with chips. This is especially striking if the car is black, and Camry, as a rule, is bought in this color.

Regarding fuel consumption, it’s 1-2 liters more on the Camry than on the Octavia, but it’s a completely different class of car, so you can forgive it. Kamryuha has one advantage over Octavia – it can be serviced in the garage of "Uncle Vasya", since the engine and chassis are unkillable. As for the Czech opponent, it’s not worth the risk, especially with a turbo engine.

Finally, the most important thing is the price. Toyota Camry, of course, costs more – for a copy of the 2016 release, you will have to pay about the same as the new Skoda Octavia. And as you know, the best car is a new car. Moreover, the Octavia costs 30% less to service than the Camry.

Julia Romanova

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