Martin Scorsese as producer and Robert De Niro as secondary. With this team supposedly associated with the new 'Joker', it seemed quite a logical step to confirm the rumors that pointed to Leonardo DiCaprio as the protagonist. But nevertheless, in the end neither the director nor the protagonist of 'The Wolf of Wall Street' associated which has been the first superhero movie to win the Golden Lion in Venice. Thanks to Joaquin Phoenix's acclaimed performance, the project has not needed either of these two names to succeed, and now the director has taken out chest clarifying what their intentions were from the beginning and all the headache that brought them to bet on it.

Joaquin Phoenix in 'Joker'

It is easy to dismiss Leonardo DiCaprio as the protagonist of a DC comic adaptation, although Todd Phillips has reminded The New York Times that Joaquin Phoenix was also a rather unlikely option. "He was not willing to throw himself into a costume of any movie based on a comic". Even so, denying the rumors that were committed to the protagonist of 'The Reborn', The director and screenwriter of 'Joker' has clarified: "We wrote the movie for Joaquin".

This does not mean that the Oscar nominee for 'The Master' was on board from the first minute. In fact, the director of 'Hangover in Las Vegas' spent three months convincing his future Arthur Fleck "continuously waiting for me to give the OK. But he never did". Phoenix has defended itself by stating that "You never say yes. You always have more questions.", so that "I asked him to come and audition me". As we can see, Phillips managed to convince Rooney Mara's boyfriend, which leads us to wonder if he could have done the same with DiCaprio. Will we ever see this Oscar winner fighting crime with cape or makeup?

The consequences of choosing him

Once on board, Phoenix continued to beg as since, for example, he was not very willing to go through a radical change of weight (lost 20kgs) as he did in other projects. "It's a horrible way to live. Todd was in the" I think you should be a real thin person "plan". Therefore, it is not surprising that the director has confirmed that "In the middle of a scene, he suddenly turned around and left. And the other poor actors thought it was for them"One of Phoenix's regular directors, James Gray, has already warned that "If you are not prepared, he will know and let you know. You have to do your homework".

But nevertheless, Phillips has clarified that "It was always for him, he wasn't connecting well". So, after a short break, "he took a walk and came back and did it". Of course, this is a matter of nothing compared to the dead rats that Jared Leto sent to his co-stars. A) Yes, Robert DeNiro has justified Phoenix's attitude by saying that "He is very intense in what he does, as it should be. There is nothing to talk to him personally. We only do our job. "Of course, it seems that they have done well, judging by the criticisms that the film already points to the Oscars. The general public will be able to verify the result of this intense work starting next October 4 in cinemas .

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