Block's rule comes in The Voice Kids! And Amel Bent is determined to use it against Soprano, Patrick Fiori but especially against Jenifer.

"I'm going to block you, I'm only going to live to block you," has indeed launched the interpreter of My philosophy to his colleague who had just taken place in his famous red armchair. "Warning, as soon as I see a raised hair, a tear from Amel, I block it"replied the mum of the adorable Aaron and Joseph, while Soprano amused himself with the situation.

"I'm going to purposely have a hair up so you block me when it's not true", ended up releasing Mémel, as her fans call her, to Jen, who wants to get her fourth win this year!

She could put everything down!

If she is in the next season children's version of the famous tele-hook TF1 hosted by Nikos Aliagas, Jenifer Bartoli has not yet said if she went in the adult. In a recent interview given to a Corsican media outlet, she said she had not made any decision at the moment as she may have some missions to do elsewhere. And while Marc Lavoine has been recruited to replace Julien Clerc, everyone is wondering since which the production of The Voice could call to recover the position of the beautiful brunette from Nice, in case she decided to devote to his career, as did before her, her friend Mr. Pokora.

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Pauline Buissonnet


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