The Orem police in Utah confirmed on Monday the finding of the bodies of a young Hispanic mother and her little son, killed four years ago by the woman's boyfriend, apparently after the man lost control of the "inconvenience" caused by the child.

According to the official statement of the Orem police, the bodies of Emily Quijano, 23, and her son Gabriel, three, were found five miles (8 km) south of the small Eureka locality, in Juab County, more than 80 miles south of Salt Lake City, the state capital.

The defendant, Christopher Poulson, was arrested in August 2018 in Hawaii and in August of this year he confessed to a judge in the Fourth Judicial District of Utah to be the author of the murders.

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The documents presented in court indicate that the September 9, 2015 there was a dispute between Quijano and Poulson because she was pregnant and did not accept abortion.

That night, Paulson, who had been left in Gabriel's care while Quijano went to study, "severely" attacked the boy, who was badly injured and died during the night.

The next morning, when verifying that the minor had died, Poulson shot Quijano with bullets while she slept.

Quijano's coworkers, seeing that the woman did not show up for work for several days, called the authorities on September 12, 2015.

Quijano was reported missing.

In the initial talks with the police, Poulson said that he had "abandoned" Quijano on September 8, the day the deaths occurred, because she used methamphetamine and that he had not spoken to her again, because she said, the woman "collected her things and moved".

But subsequent investigations that used Poulson's telephone line to follow his movements revealed details of the facts.

The suspect bought a shovel, visited large waste containers in two areas and changed his name. Even more, the man was using his victim's cell phone.

As a consequence, a month ago, Poulson pleaded guilty to aggravated murder in the first degree and to homicide in the second degree, with a life sentence.

However, the prosecutor in charge of the case managed the reduction of that sentence to 30 years in prison if Poulson cooperated with investigators to find the bodies before the end of this month.

Quijano and his son were found last Friday, but the announcement was made today after a preliminary identification confirmed that it was them.

"Our hearts express our sympathy for the families of Emily and Gabriel. We hope that these efforts offer some peace and comfort for their lives," says the official statement from the Orem police.

Irinea Buendía, a mother seeking justice brought the first case of femicide to the Supreme Court of Mexico



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