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The supreme court of Arizona, in the southwest of U.S, He ruled in favor of two merchants who refused to design invitations for a gay marriage because of their religious beliefs.

The decision invalidates the previous sentences that condemned the two women, Joanna Duka Y Breanna Koski, for violating the "Ordinance of human relations" of the city of Phoenix, intended to protect the community LGBTI of discrimination

"The beliefs of Duka Y Koski on same-sex marriage may seem dated and even offensive to some, but guarantees of freedom of expression and religion do not only apply to those who are considered sufficiently enlightened, advanced or progressive. They are for everyone, "said the ruling approved with a majority of 4-3.

The process began in 2016, when Duka Y Koski, Owners of a small calligraphy company specializing in handwritten invitations, sued the city of Phoenix, claiming that forcing them to accept the couple's request violates their fundamental rights.

Both merchants, who faced up to six months in prison and a $ 2,500 fine, argued that their Christian faith prevents them from participating in any way in promoting a gay marriage.

The ruling tries not to generalize its conclusions to all commercial activities, but activists agreed that it paves the way for more discrimination.

"The owner of a business may put a notice on their website or local booking the entrance of homosexuals," he criticized Brianna Westbrook, transsexual and vice president of Democratic Party from Arizona.

Duka Y Koski were represented by the conservative organization Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), whose motto is "by faith, for justice", which has worked similar cases in U.S and defended the chef who refused to make the wedding cake to a gay couple in 2012 in Colorado.

The case reached the Supreme Court, which partially failed in 2018 in favor of the merchant.

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