Cybershoes Credits

Thought to walk (almost) natural in a game in virtual reality, without the need for treadmills or bulky equipment, the Cybershoes were launched last year, via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. A nice success for the project conceived by a Viennese start-up, since the goal of funding of $ 30,000 had been reached in just a few hours, reaching even $ 115,000 at the end of the first day. Composed of a circular carpet to place on the ground and two "Soles" mounted on wheels (which are also reminiscent of the very chic Heelys, star of the playgrounds of the 2000s), the device allows players to move freely in the game, instead of using the joysticks or teleporting from one place to another, as is often the case now with games in virtual reality.

Connected to the PC via a wireless receiver, the Cybershoes promise a playtime between eight and ten hours of play (for a full recharge time of about three hours), and ensures compatibility with all Steam games allowing free movement, as Skyrim VR or Fallout 4 VR. After several months of development, and thanks to the success of crowdfunding, the device is now accessible to all via the online store of the brand, as recently found The Next Web site. Sold alone or with their dedicated chair, Cybershoes can be used with most VR headsets on PC, and in particular those of the brand HTC, Oculus or Pimax. In terms of price, count 359 € for the basic version, including only shoes and carpet, and up to € 1,169 for the Business edition, also including a custom gaming chair.


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