Greenpeace points to 12 car manufacturers as the largest responsible for CO2 emissions, which contributes to the greenhouse effect and climate change. These automotive industries represent at least 9% of global emissions.

While industries point to consumers as the main responsible for climate change, some industries cling to a business model that affects the environment and our health.

In recent decades, large automotive industries have tried to show the world that they understand the risk that cars cause in the world, advertise 'greener' vehicles and campaign on their concern for well-being and the future.

However, for Greenpeace these are just gossip and 'greenwashing' *.

Automotive industry contributes 9% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world

According to a report by Greenpeace South Korea and Greenpeace Germany, their companies made the decision to tell a different story, where they claimed that the carbon footprint of the global automotive industry only accounts for 9% of global greenhouse gas emissions in the year 2018.

This would mean that car manufacturers are responsible for an emission greater than thousands of companies, power plants, agriculture, and airplanes in the European Union.

The contribution to carbon emissions by car companies. The automotive industry contributes tons of greenhouse gas per year. Source: Greenpeace

In 2018 alone, Volkswagen's carbon footprint exceeded Australia's annual greenhouse gas emissions.

Trucks: the ones that harm the environment the most

Because in the United States there is a high demand for trucks, the Ford, General Motors and Fiat-Chrysler brands are some of the most emitting gases.

SUVs produce higher CO2 emissions than most vehicles. Therefore, Hyundai-Kia's plan to explore in truck-type cars would mean increasing carbon emissions.

Greenpeace is concerned about the industry's lack of interest in changing its perspective

The most worrisome for Greenpeace, are the zero intentions of addressing the weather emergency, and instead contribute to accelerate damage to the environment.

The little concern of large automotive companies is reflected in the rejection of the transition. And yet, hybrid cars are only a "shack" to a severe climate crisis.

And it's not like the world begs to drive fossil fueled cars

Lauren Reid comments on the GreenPeace portal, adding that the real problem is that the industry refuses to innovate to achieve an environmentally friendly, clean and safe vehicle for the environment.

What does Greenwashing mean?

* Greenwashing is the concept used to indicate that a company tries to sell more using the "green movement" … even though they contribute nothing to ecology.

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