The owner of Logan suddenly began to lose traction, but experts are sure that the catalyst is not to blame.

The French car drove 130,000 kilometers before its owner sensed something was amiss. The driver shared his problem with the commentators of one of the thematic automobile communities “VKontakte”, having arranged a small peculiar survey during which he hoped to decide whether to cut out the Renault Logan catalyst and flash it under Euro-2.

The opinion of experienced drivers, however, was surprisingly unanimous. They all said that there was simply no sense in removing the “Katalik” on Renault Logan, because first you need to figure out why the traction could be lost on the car: “The catalyst is clearly not to blame, and if you cut it out you obviously cannot fix the problem, you need to dig deeper.”

The owner of the problematic Renault Logan, however, said that he had recently cleaned the fuel injectors, and the candles and filter would not have deteriorated since the last replacement: “I refuel with expensive gasoline, I change everything on time, before the time limit, I only put my relatives, high-quality details, but no traction anyway. Apparently, still a catalyst? ”

Car enthusiasts nevertheless insist on their own, urging not to sentence the Renault Logan catalyst ahead of time, since there may be several sources of this problem. First of all, the driver was advised to check the fuel filter even if it is new – with such a run it would be completely unsurprising if the unit had already managed to clog. If this does not save, the fuel pump also needs diagnostics.

“Make a diagnosis first, measure the pressure in the fuel system, and everything will become clear”, “In order for the catalyst to come to 120,000 km, you need to refuel with oil instead of gasoline, but you won’t do worse, look for a problem elsewhere,” Renault Logan owner managed to convince remove the katalik.

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