The body of the victim was found curled up in a suitcase, placed in the trunk of his companion's car (illustration) – PASTORNICOLAS / SIPA

Three weeks after the macabre discovery, the investigation progresses slowly. The woman, whose body was found on August 18, locked in a suitcase stored in the car trunk his companion, was the victim of violence. Traces of beatings were spotted on her body, revealed the prosecutor of the Republic of
Annecy interviewed by
France 3 Rhône Alpes, without allowing to affirm that they are at the origin of the death.

The suspect, his companion, would have been little talkative on the subject, remaining "evasive" before the investigating judge and not really explaining the facts he is accused of. He was indicted on August 20 for murder and then placed in pre-trial detention.

A mobile that remains unclear

This father had been arrested while carrying in his chest, the body of the victim curled up in a suitcase. Meanwhile, the two children aged 6 and 8 were sleeping in the back of the vehicle.

The mobile remains unclear for the moment. The circumstances of death have not been precisely determined. The prosecution indicated that further examinations were under way. Two handrails have already been filed against the suspect, according to Dauphine Liberated. Information that the prosecutor did not wish to comment.


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