Ragheb Alama's presence at the wedding of the son of one of the security leaders in Lebanon caused a dispute between him and one of his followers on Twitter.lbc"On corruption in Lebanon, the three presidents complain of corruption," wrote the Lebanese singer, "I mean, if they are complaining about the application of the law, they have put their close group in all ministries in the important and unimportant centers in your Lord. In the end, the people are corrupt in the administration. ”

One of the followers responded to the tweet of Alama, criticizing his attendance to a legendary wedding as described by the son of the Director General of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces, Major General Emad Othman, saying: "If at this point it is not corrupt, it was exposing the corrupt. In) the leader cleaned his surroundings in the first dimension of great vision with the people to clean the surroundings of others. ”He continued:“ Your income you did not sing a legendary wedding soon ”?

ragheb alama
Ragheb Alama replied to the tweet saying: "The wedding was not mythical at all .. It was taste and not extravagance and millions as promoted by some fishermen with troubled water .. .

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and a host of artists, including Assi El-Hellani and Maya Diab, were in attendance.

As one of the followers defended him in a tweet in which she said, "And what is the problem that Ragheb sings with a legendary wedding? "

Ragheb Alama

Ragheb Alama (t) Mythical Wedding


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