wA pretty “fresh” car, but with some nuances, got to the auto mechanic.

Survey Skoda Octavia, "survived" the accident, shared the author of the YouTube channel "In the garage at Sandro." The 2016 sedan has a Hockey Edition trim, which is equipped with a 1.4-liter TSI engine and a 7-speed automatic transmission. The cost of such a car amounted to 220 thousand rubles, which is four times cheaper than similar trim levels in the secondary market.

Despite the almost perfect condition of the passenger compartment and body, the front of the sedan is half missing. After the collision, the gearbox fell into several parts, the engine is damaged, the generator and starter are broken. The only thing that survived in the engine compartment is the parking sensor and the turbine located behind all the elements.

“Apart from the lack of front end, a good copy,” explains the specialist. Salon in Skoda Octavia for three years of operation has been preserved in almost perfect condition. Of the configuration elements, a multimedia system with a touch screen, dual-zone climate control, a regular adjustable armrest, comfortable front seats with lateral support are visible. The windshield with heating has also survived. But all these elements will be dismantled and sent for resale.

The car body was also preserved in excellent condition, without signs of corrosion and paint chips. “Most likely, before the accident, the owner of the Skoda Octavia took care of the car, but because of the circumstances, he had to sell the car,” the specialist adds.

Dobrov Roman

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