A few months ago, Audi unveiled the restyled version of its A4 family. Unsurprisingly, this is the A5 upgrade that takes the essential part of its chassis, its technology and its engines.

As for the A4, the aesthetic changes are mainly to give it a more aggressive with a caliper more bevelled than ever and LEDs more showy. The interior benefits from a bigger, now tactile central computer screen, incorporating the latest Audi technologies in the field. For example, it uses Audi's famous Car-to-X system, which theoretically saves time on urban journeys by linking to the city's central computer controlling the traffic lights.

Under the hood, no (big) change

After the disappearance of S gasoline versions in favor of variants S TDI (347 horses for the S5 Sportback / Coupé / Cabriolet), there is no big change to note under the hood of the Audi A5 restyled. It offers four diesel engines with a power of 136, 163, 190 and 231 horsepower, but also three petrol of 150, 190 and 245 horsepower. The RS5 Coupé / Sportback version, whose restyled version has not yet been unveiled, will of course remain faithful to the 450 horsepower V6 bi-turbo.

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