Independent studio Night schoolfamous for a surreal adventure Oxenfreegetting ready to release his new game – Afterparty. And on the channel IGN a record of the beginning of the game, almost twelve minutes of passage, has already appeared.

The beginning, however, the game is not particularly exciting. Until a certain point. Fellow students gathered at a college graduation party. The main characters, bosom friends of Milo and Lola, talk about this with everyone they meet and gradually get drunk. But at one point, others begin to behave somehow strange, and then everything changes dramatically.

As it turns out soon, Milo and Lola somehow managed to die right at the party and now went to hell. How to get out of there, and the further course of the game will be devoted: friends will have to continue drinking. And then, if it is possible to cross-over Satan himself, it will be possible to return to Earth.

Afterparty launches October 29, 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Epic Games Store) Over time, they are going to release it on the Nintendo Switch.


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