where Prince Andrew is seen

saying goodbye to a young woman.

Carolina: although her lawyers

they describe him as a humble

international director of the

church and a man who wins a

salary, the founder of this

evangelical christian group him

have found more than seven

million dollars in


Garía is a prisoner accused of

sexual abuse

borja: we connect in the

Angels with Alvarez Alvarez.

has document details

obtained by univisón

news. tell us a little more

about the properties that I dreamed

the leader, where are they and singing

they are worth

Isias: I tell you that

real estate investments of

Joaquin Garía and his family

They are in three states. in

California in Texas at

Florida. adding the costs of

all these properties was

How do we get to 7.3

Million dollars. the

world light leader

It has at least 6 houses, three in

los angeles, 2 een houston and

one in orlando near the park

Disney World also their

brothers have a ranch

Near San Antonio in Texas

valued at four million.

and they also have a house with

an enviable ocean view of

california worth more than

840,000 dollars.

the question is where

This wealth comes.

you can say that the

main activity of this

family for over 90 years

has been direct "the light of

world ". the church has not

said song they win, what

properties have and where is


How was it that we found these


we receive sources from within and

outside the church

we corroborate hundreds of

addresses and we found

These 10 properties.

We verify all information

in the public records of the

property of different


carolina: we thank you for

be here talking about a

case that has certainly caused


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