Apple announced at its conference yesterday Prices of the new iPhone 11 in the marketAnd I explained the special features of this phone also revealed the prices of these phones, so we will talk with you in this topic about these phones and their possibilities and prices, where it was the first time and the conference of Apple on YouTube, so watched by everyone.

IPhone 11 prices

The price of the new iPhone 11 was released at the Apple conference held yesterday, whether the prices of iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 pro or iPhone 11 pro max, and were as follows: the price of the phones iPhone 11 will be 699 dollars, and the price of the devices iPhone 11 pro up To $ 999, and the price of phones iPhone 11 pro max to $ 1099, and these devices will be available in the market to be ready for sales starting from the day of 20 in September.

The prices of the new iPhone 11 in the market and the features of these phones
Prices of the new iPhone 11 in the market

Features of the new iPhone

Reverse wireless chargers will be used, which will allow you to charge the airpods and Apple watches.Also, these devices have large batteries to keep the device running longer than normal.And the most important features of these devices are its own camera.These phones have three rear cameras besides The front camera and the quality of each is very high as the quality of the camera is about 12 megapixels, and for the first time the number of this rear camera occurs in Apple devices, and there are many advantages that distinguish the new devices from Apple.


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