Saudi Riyal price For the Egyptian pound we review it daily on the website Word Dot OrganCoinciding with the changes that the currencies have been witnessing in general since the floating decision, whereby currency prices are determined by the factor of supply and demand. Real to Pound Banque Misr buys EGP 4.39 for EGP 4.43 for sale, while Bank Audi returns EGP 4.4 for EGP 4.43.

settle down From Rial to Pound In the Egyptian Gulf Bank at the highest purchase price of the riyal (the best selling bank) worth 4.40 pounds, while in the Arab African International Bank the lowest selling price of the Saudi riyal (ie the best bank to buy it) worth 4.42 pounds, and the price of the Saudi riyal at Credit Agricole 4.38 Buy for EGP 4.42 sale.

Saudi Riyal price

The price of the Saudi riyal in the National Bank of Egypt 4.39 pounds to buy for 4.43 pounds for sale, while in the bank BLOM Egypt 4.40 buy for 4.44 pounds sale, and in the Bank of Alexandria the value of the riyal against the pound 4.37 pounds buy for 4.43 pounds for sale, and recorded the average exchange rate of the riyal Saudi banks buy 4.38 pounds compared to selling 4.43 pounds.

the bank Buy Sale
Bank Audi 4.40 4.43
Suez Canal Bank 4.39 4.43
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 4.39 4.43
Commercial International Bank 4.38 4.43
United Bank 4.37 4.43
Al Baraka Bank 4.33 4.46
Housing & Development Bank 4.32 4.48
National Bank of Kuwait 4.38 4.43
Arab African International Bank 4.37 4.42

The price of the riyal in the Arab Investment Bank 4.39 buy in front of 4.43 pounds for sale.

Saudi Arabian Riyal to Pound Update Rates


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