The owner of Priora dreamed of a limousine, but decided to get by with an easier option.

In one of the VKontakte social network communities dedicated to the Soviet and Russian automobile industry, they published a photo of a white LADA Priora with a trailer. And in this picture there wouldn’t be anything special if it weren’t for how the trailer looks – it was made from the back of the exact same “Priora”, as if it had just been cut in half, and there was an even tight cut in place of the “cut” .

Naturally, such an unusual LADA Priora trailer surprised the network – some even thought it was an installation, but one of the users attached a photo of the Priora with a trailer from a different angle in the comments and said that the owner lives next door to him.

Community members began to come up with new names for the sedan such as “Priora and a half” and “Priora-one and a half”, another compared the car with articulated buses with corrugated knots and called it almost “Priora with an accordion”.

Other users began to joke that this is an advanced full-time "reserve" LADA Priora, or its spare "fifth point". “When they refused to register Priora,” one of the subscribers added, and the other advised the owner and the main car to cut it too.

But basically, commentators did not like that to create a trailer, the owner decided to spoil the sedan, because almost nothing fits into it. “For pokatushek, but not for the economy”, “You can’t bring firewood”, “I had to do it from the station wagon,” they write.



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