The appearance of the tuned UAZ should not adversely affect its cross-country ability.

The thematic community on the social network "VKontakte" unveiled an SUV that closely resembles the famous Toyota Land Cruiser. It is interesting that the “UAZ” in the body kit from the “Japanese” made a strong impression on netizens.

In the photo that got on the Internet, you can see an SUV with a typical “UAZ” “face”, which is complemented by a plastic bumper and a kenguryatnik with additional illuminators. In addition, the protective color of the body, metal sills, tinted windows, a rear plastic bumper and other wheel design deserves special attention. It is worth saying that the “UAZ” in the premium body kit not only looks good, but also must well overcome the terrain.

The Russian SUV, which was turned into a “Kruzak”, caused positive reviews among the subscribers of the community. “Kruazik”, “Kozluiser”, “Hundredth UAZ”, “Better than the Patriot”, “Niva Land UAZ Prado”, “Nivaz”, “UAZ based on Ford Expedition”. “Unusual”, “LUAZER”, “They did better in the garage than at the factory,” users admire.



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