Joking as a joke, and some owners really believe that these two models have a lot in common.

An interesting comparison of the flagship Russian sedan LADA Vesta with the Soviet GAZ-24 Volga appeared on the pages of one automobile forum. The owners of Vesta note that the similarities between the cars can be noticed as soon as you look under the hood.

The engines of both sedans have close indicators of power and torque – 106 hp. at 148 Nm at Vesta and 100 hp at 147 Nm – at the Volga. But the volume of engines is completely different – after all, the Russian auto industry does not stand still.

The wheelbase of the LADA Vesta is only 3 cm smaller than that of the GAZ-24 Volga, while the width is much larger – 1,470 mm against 1,400 mm. Vesta, like the GAZ-24, has an excellent energy-intensive suspension and high ground clearance.

The boot volume of the LADA Vesta is 480 liters, while the Volga, this figure is 500 liters. Also, Vesta is 130 kg lighter, largely due to the lightweight engine, transmission and the absence of a heavy rear axle.

Vesta is the modern Volga. This is the same comfortable, attractive, and most importantly, a domestic sedan. Only 30 years ago, only a well-earned person could afford GAZ-24, and buying a LADA Vesta today is much easier.



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